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Parallel Mayonnaise Universes

According to a recent Scientific American article, parallel universes probably do exist - the catch is that they are very very very very very very very far away. Fat lot of good it does to know that they probably exist then.

Fortunately, you don't have to go to the ends of the universe to find parallel worlds - there are some mini-parallel worlds out there within this very universe - some even exist on this very internet!

It turns out that, in the USA, people living to the East of the Rockies have a different Mayonnaise reality than those who live to the West of the Rockies. These Mayonnaise realities are strikingly similar, and are effectively parallel; the only differentiating factor is the brand name - Best Foods if you live to the West, Hellmann's if you live to the East.

And it turns out that there are both and web sites - which are identical parallels, with the exception of the brand name. In one, the labels and logos are all Best Foods; in the other, they are all Hellmann's. Spooky!

Try it! The two frames below show pages from the two sites side-by side. You can either navigate each site in parallel, or use the quick links below to navigate both frames to the corresponding pages. You can also show or hide the frames, so you can quickly flip back-and-forth to spot the differences.

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