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The Gallery

There's a LiveJournal entry to accompany these pics here. Some photos left over from a previous day, so they end up in this batch - Century Square, downtown seattle. I've taken other 'landscapes' of this building before, this time turning a corner of it into a pyramid. Bozo the clown! In the window of an automotive shop, at Pike and Harvard, beside Bill's Off Broadway pizza place. The Chevron at Pike and Broadway - soon to be demolished to make way for a mixed-use building featuring a Walgreen's drugstore. A hot-water heating pipe in my bathroom - I just liked the light shading on it. Fun with mirrors! Our regular schedule now resumes: Map of route - from Pike Place Market to Magnolia Park in green, return in Red. About 9 miles total. Close-up of the Seattle Tower, through binoculars at Pier 66 Close-up of WaMu (Washington Mutual) Tower, through binoculars at Pier 66 Close-up of Space Needle, through binoculars at Pier 66. Smith Tower is featured later on... Warning on a rail car Retired rail car Tree-lined avanue along the Pier 90/91-Interbay bike trail Similar warning The shopping cart! Wrapped in plastic! Seattle, as seen across Pier 90/91 It's really a tree in Magnolia park, but looks a lot like a human arm and back Uniform store, and pre-Deco-ish building Brass plaque - Turner & Pease Co. wholesale Butter Eggs and Cheese. Seattle Train Center store No Parking outside Jefferson Scene Shop Space Oddity, vintage furniture And she's apparently started construction of a stairway to heaven (one presumes). Who needs a wide-angle lens? The Shanty Cafe! Reflection of the Space Needle Another reflection of the Space Needle Wide-angle view of the PI building Reflection of the PI globe Je suis un skaterboi Run for the train! Finally, close-up of Smith Tower, through binoculars at Pier 66
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